Episode 41: Q, contracts, and trust

While Dr. Q tended to the other patients, Isabelle talked to Arthur. "Q?"

"Like the letter. He got nick-named that after a case of mistaken identity."

"I see."

Q finished with Orlaith and moved towards Aurora; Arthur stopped him.

"Just stabilize her; she's a prisoner and I don't want her able to run easily."

Q nodded and continued. When he was done with her, he rummaged around in the long bag that held his supplies and produced a short staff entwined with a carving of an Æsculapian snake. "Here; use this."

Aurora took the staff and examined it. "You do realize that I'm at least as deadly with a staff as with a sword?"

"Yes, but with that ankle you're still no match for this entire squad by day or Thunder with Soulless Shadow by night."

Aurora blinked and looked over at Silent Thunder. "I see."

Thunder stirred. "Hey, guarding prisoners isn't in my contract."

Aurora grinned evilly.

"Look," interjected Arthur, "We're all tired here; I'm trusting you to guard yourself and not run off so that we can get some rest."

Everyone stared at Arthur. Percy questioned, "Is that a good idea?"

Aurora thumped Percy on the head with her staff and glared at him.

Arthur laughed. "Percy, I'd trust her sooner than I'd trust the Emperor, and I'd trust him before I'd trust you."

Percy blinked and sat down.