Season 2.5: Battle on the Plains

Episode 40: Combat-happy patients

Back at the camp, Isabelle found a stranger sitting next to Silent Thunder. Arthur and the others, however, seemed to have found a friend.

Arthur sat down near the white-cloaked newcomer. "Hey there, Q. On your way to the village?"

"Yeah. I figured, 'People tend to get hurt fighting wars; maybe I should check on my combat-happy patients.'"

"Good thought. We've got some fire and lightning victims and a hurt ankle; mind looking them over?"

"No problem."

Isabelle was the most seriously wounded, so she received the most immediate attention. She spent the time studying the medic: He was above-average height, thin, with short, dark hair and brown eyes. He looked like he was probably from an area to the east of where she was born; she wondered what he was doing this far to the southwest.

Q spread a salve on several bandages and dressed her wounds before moving on to Percy.