Episode 23: No atheists in foxholes

The minister paused to give everyone a moment in which to contemplate the painting. Silent Thunder took the opportunity to unbind and examine his new sword. The minister continued. "I am told that you will be leaving tomorrow morning, so allow me to pronounce the blessing now." He cleared his throat. "Saint George, where-ever you may be, these twelve heroes are setting forth as you once did to defend the empire that you once championed. Watch over them and protect both them and your empire. I ask this as a devoted champion f your ideals; may peace and justice reign." The minister looked around at them. "Well, that's it. I have to go make plans for the town's defense; Arthur, it's your show." He left by the rear doors.

Arthur nodded. "You heard the man: We leave at dawn. Everyone go home and pack; we'll meet at the tavern in the morning. If anything happens during the night, get over to the tavern and wait for me. We may have to leave in a hurry. Thunder, wake up. You're on guard duty." Arthur left the same way that he had entered.

Isabelle went back to her room and waited.