Episode 22: Saint George Avallonis

Arthur gestured at the man in the black tabard. "This is our town minister. I thought that it would be appropriate if he said a few words prior to our going out; it's something of a tradition in this town."

The minister stepped forward and bowed. "This town hall serves as the local church, unless it's the other way around. There isn't much agreement on that. In any case, the people here worship in so many ways that we decided to keep this space as neutral as possible with one exception." He pointed to a huge painting hung some ways up the front wall. "Not even the atheists can object to that." The painting depicted a battleship of the largest size. It was somehow flying through the clouds towards the setting sun, and two dragons flanked it. Along the top of the painting were the faces of five men and two women, all of them benevolently looking out at he viewer. "The unofficial god of heroes and champions: Saint George Avallonis. He's an actual person; he and his six companions were last seen sailing off towards the dragon isles five-hundred years ago. That he will return in another five-hundred years is just wishful thinking, I'm afraid, but with a hero you never know. He's not really a god, but he was considered to be the epitome of heroism; praying to him has never been known to hurt."