Episode 8: A little explanation

Isabelle nodded. "That's an interesting story, but it would make more sense if I knew all of the military terms that you used. I was raised in the capitol, but my family's foreign, and I only studied foreign economics before I dropped out of university; the last time someone explained the Empire's military structure to me was when I was twelve."

"Oh. Sorry about that; I was career military, and I tend to forget that not everyone knows what I'm talking about. What are you short on?"

"The different divisions you were talking about. I can guess most of them based on the names, but that doesn't mean that I'm right."

"Hmm. Let's see . . . The frontier strike force is a rapid-reaction and surgical strike force; the third one happens to have the southern section of the Empire's eastern border as its operational area. Err . . . maybe that's too technical as well. The frontier strike force was there to respond to attacks quickly and to make quick, precise attacks on threats that were just on the other side of the border. The special operations division did similar strikes but with fewer people and in more dangerous situations, often well behind enemy lines; the first division covers the entire south-east portion of the Imperial territory. The Imperial Army is the Empire's offensive force; the Royal Guard is an elite defensive force that protects Avallonis itself as well as being the Emperor's personal army as King of Avallonis. The Imperial Guard is a defensive force that protects the Empire's lands that aren't Avallonis. When I say 'Avallonis' I mean the kingdom that started the Empire, not the Imperium Avallonis. The Silver Order of Avallonis is a group of roughly two-dozen irregulars who are all outstanding in battle and are charged with defending Avallonis and the Empire. The Gold Order, by comparison, is a group of varying size, generally twelve to twenty-four, charged with attacking enemy forces. There's a bit of a rivalry between the two. Anything else you're missing?"

"Nope. In fact, I'm not sure why I listened to all that in the first place. Still, it served to pass the time." She glanced at the darkened windows. "I think that I'll be going to bed now; I'd hate to miss the excitement tomorrow."

"What excitement?"

"In a town with this population, I'm sure they'll find something."