Episode 6: Arthur

The blond man took another sip of his drink and began. "I'm Arthur. I was born to the Captain of the Silver Order of Avallonis and his wife, a paladin of The Order of White. To the surprise of absolutely no-one, I became a squire at age eleven, was enrolled into the military at age thirteen, and completed my training at age fifteen, whereupon I was placed with the third frontier strike force of the Imperial Army. I served there for five years, earning one medal for bravery during the opening skirmishes of the Second Expansion War. I was transferred to the first special operations division when war was declared, underwent another year of training, and spent the remaining three years of the war on deep-penetration raids. When the war ended I had gotten a few more awards and had just turned twenty-four. They transferred me to the Royal Guard from the Imperial Army and made me a captain. It took me six years to make lieutenant general, at which point I was placed into the Silver Order. Five years there made me their Captain, and I spent one disastrous year in that position before retiring and coming here to live. That was three years ago; I am now thirty-eight."