Episode 59: Triage

Isabelle and the others made their way to the triage station at the gate. Max met them there and made his report quietly: "Three dead, two wounded, and one missing."

Arthur shook his head. "I'm sorry, Max. I checked the Imperium list; there's only you and two others listed."

Max nodded. "At least they only send me people without families."

"Without families except for us."

"'Except for us' indeed. I'll inform the local representatives of the nobles; a couple of their Lords might be in town."

"Let me know when the funerals are; I doubt that we're going anywhere."

"Yes, sir. What's the military situation?"

"The inner barrier was breached, but we don't know where. Capital Transportation is working on it. The city is surrounded on land, and their reinforcements are going to get here before most of ours can. By water we're pretty clear until they get siege engines in place; I don't think that they've brought any large-scale boats in. Let's—"

He broke off as a pair of rescue worker arrived at the station with a stretcher. On the stretcher was Silent Thunder, looking like a drowned cat. He was asleep.

"What happened to him?"

"We found him at the foot of the bluffs by the water. We tried asking him what happened, but all he said was 'They woke me up' and fell asleep. Do you know him?"

"Yeah; he's one of ours. Let him sleep."

"Yes, sir." They carried Thunder away.

Most of the fighters who had been paying attention at the Great Hall gave the retreating stretcher an odd look, but Arthur ignored it. "Right now we should—" he began again.

"Right now you're coming with me." One of the advance guards from the Emperor's retinue was standing behind Arthur. Isabelle had seen—and not seen—too much that day to wonder how he had gotten there without any of them apparently noticing.

Arthur turned around and glared at him. "Keep your attitude to yourself, civilian." Despite this, he gestured for the others to follow.