Episode 54: Beware of falling swords

The drawbridge was still lowering.

"Team two, form up! Assume a defensive line at the rear of the arch!" Arthur commanded. Max and his team complied.

The enemy arrived just after the drawbridge made it down.

"Team two, fighting withdrawal! Everyone else, across the drawbridge!" The men-at-arms began to slowly give ground; Max held out for several seconds before doing so as well. Everyone else ran.

A shout came from the battlements ahead and above of them as they ran. A blue streak seared itself into their vision, and a huge sword buried itself in the drawbridge. With a crash, an armored figure followed it. A curiously detached part of Isabelle's mind noticed that the newcomer's armor was a match for Max's. The stranger pulled the glowing sword out of the drawbridge and marched towards the line.

When the first group had finished crossing, they turned to look at team two. Max and the stranger had taken up a position halfway across the drawbridge and were brutally mauling all comers, knocking many of them into the river below. Above, the guards tried to raise the drawbridge, but something prevented them. Arthur turned away and began riding.

Isabelle stayed long enough to perform a quick head-count. Silent Thunder was missing, but this was hardly new. She rode after Arthur as several covered wagons bearing reinforcements arrived.