Episode 51: Hell for leather

Arthur got everyone back to camp in a hurry and explained as they packed. "The missing person who's probably helping Black Jong out is not only an expert on large-scale, long-distance magical travel, but he's also advocated using that capability to launch decapitation strikes against various enemies. Whatever the rest of this war looks like, it's not the real fight. The real fight will be for the capitol. Now we have to somehow outrace a force with magical transportation and a head start; our best guess is that they haven't already launched an attack because they've been building siege platforms with the materials that they gathered at the forest, among other places, but that won't delay them for long."

Isabelle raised a point: "And how do you know that they haven't already attacked?"

Arthur stopped for a moment to look at her; a flickering silver flame glowed in his eyes. "Trust me; I'd know."

They finished packing in relative silence. When they were done, someone unhitched the horse that Silent Thunder was sleeping on, and the desperate ride began.

Isabelle was never quite sure how many days they rode north-northwest. They slept little, yet hardly felt tired. Arthur and Orlaith seemed to barely need any rest, and were clearly agitated any time they stopped. Silent Thunder, his services not needed, slept for days on end.

At some point it began to rain.