Episode 46: Bad company

Unfortunately for Orlaith, the sudden surge northward left her with only Percy for a bodyguard. A group of the enemy's rag-tag rear line broke off from its formation and headed towards her.

Percy's combat training and skills focused on open, natural spaces where he could run; he was not so good at fighting when surrounded by enemies. Then again, few people were. Orlaith rushed forward, her short-sword stabbing furiously, but was quickly taken down and disarmed by the aggressors. They wouldn't have stopped there, but Percy's shouts had attracted more than just Orlaith. . . .

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!?" demanded an enraged Aurora.

One of the more twisted men looked up and seemed to recognize her. "Taking our share of the spoils before we kill them, of course."

"This is supposed to be a war of honor, righting the wrongs that have been done to us, not a war of retribution or revenge."

"It's neither," the thug snapped back. "It's a war for power and control; nothing more, nothing less. 'Revenge' is a way of motivating the dumb masses, just as in every war." He shifted in his crouch by Orlaith's right wrist.

"What kind of—"

Orlaith's wrists and ankles were sill being held down by three men. "Damn you!" she spat. "You shall not defile me!"

Arthur felt the ensuing spike of power from across the battlefield.

A soft golden glow seemed to coat Orlaith as she struggled against her captors. She finally wrenched her right arm free and knocked the talkative soldier back a good ten feet. The others, even those restraining Percy, let go and stepped back quickly. Orlaith rose and, with a literal blaze of glory, burst into golden flame.

Percy looked annoyed. "Why didn't you do that earlier?"