Episode 44: Battle on the Plains: the charge

The heroes following Arthur emerged from the trees on the west side of the battle. Isabelle was mounted; the others, on foot. Arthur was mounted and waiting for them.

He pointed to a banner flying in front of the defenders northeast of them. "Johan Lord Summerson, last of his line and member of the Silver Order." Below them, troops shifted to face the heroes' hill. "He has set his banner and will die where he stands rather than retreat, although he could quite probably take out the entire enemy force by himself." Standing up in his stirrups, Arthur shouted down at the enemy, "And I am Arthur Avallonis, loyal subject of His Majesty, and I ride to the Order's aid!"

Isabelle rode close at Arthur's back. Several arrows passed them up, presumably loosed by Orlaith. Isabelle could hear someone running closely behind her—probably Percy, given his speed—but could not sense the others.

Arthur hit the enemy's west line like an avalanche, crushing everyone in his path. He slowed down only gradually as he found himself surrounded. Isabelle could not keep up, although she managed to ride in his wake until she too was well behind the front line. Unfortunately, she was weak when she couldn't remain in motion; she decided to fight her way back and make another pass.

When Isabelle wheeled her horse around, a startling sight was revealed: a small whirlwind of activity centered on Ardon. The monk, while seemingly clueless and inept at everything else, had kept up with her charge despite being on foot and was actually quite proficient at the art of combat. If he's this good, how did he manage to get himself captured? He wasn't leaving many visible injuries, but a fair number of soldiers were clutching at their anatomy and retreating. Isabelle took advantage of the chaos to make good her escape.

The caravan-guard-cum-hero was in the middle of her second pass when Lord Summerson's standard fell.