Episode 32: The hall of twisted mirrors

Isabelle leafed through Arthur's book of people that he had met. He had left it out when he went to sleep, and she was curious to see if she was in it. She didn't find herself, but she did find a few other interesting entries. She stopped to read one under the bland heading "Internal Diplomacy Corps: Troubleshooting Teams."

TST codename: "Twisted Mirrors"

Diplomat: "SabreCat"
Secondary skill: Leader
Notes: Named for his choice of weapons and feline qualities; a moderate and probably the only person who could hold this group together

Sage: Tani-ro
Secondary skill: Poet
Notes: Dispassionate & analytical

Guard: Adulath II
Secondary skill: Reproductive activities / innuendo
Notes: "Wandering, innuendo-slinging bastard bard" driven mainly by natural desires and partially by a love of annoying Kali-ra

Religious expert: Kali-ra
Secondary skills: Combat and mothering
Notes: Female, unlike the others; belongs to the Church of the free states, devoutly, including those parts that let her disagree with it; violently feminist; often fights with Adulath

Opposition: Nirin-khai
Secondary skill: Sarcasm
Notes: Does his job a little too well; unclear why he remains with the others

Prophet: Marc Yves
Secondary skill: Creativity
Notes: Has dream-visions (very abstract); fairly withdrawn; possible counterbalance to Nirin-khai

Trainee: Kithia
Secondary skill: None
Notes: Female; shy and insecure; relative newcomer

She put the book back where she had found it and went to sleep. A short while later, a man in black climbed down from the tree where he had been napping and began leafing through the pages.